Research & Volunteering

AISH has an international reputation for research into sleep disorders, their causes, consequences and in the development of new treatments to improve patient outcomes.

Two particular strengths of its research programs are in sleep apnoea and insomnia.

Sleep apnoea research (led by Dr's McEvoy, Catcheside and Chai-Coetzer) is targeted toward:

  • A better understanding of the causes of upper airway obstruction and breathing pauses during sleep
  • Understanding the effects of obstructive sleep apnoea on the cardiovascular system and the brain
  • Simplifying and improving the diagnosis and management of patients with sleep apnoea

Insomnia research (led by Professor Leon Lack) is focussed on:

  • Finding new behavioural methods for treating chronic insomnia
  • Improving the understanding of how changes in the body clock affect sleep
  • New treatments such as Melatonin and bright light to improve insomnia due to delayed circadian phase

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