Current Funding

Funding Body / SchemeTitleAdministering InstitutionAll Investigators
NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence2017-2022.  National Centre for Sleep Health Services Research - Positioning Primary Care at the Centre of Sleep Health ManagementFlinders UniversityCIA – McEvoy RD, Stocks N, Zwar N,  Grunstein R,  Chai-Coetzer CL, Lack L, Adams R, Redman  S, Vakulin A,  Wesselingh S. ALL INVESTIGATORS
NHMRC Project Grant 2018-2020.  A new clinical tool to assess fitness-to-drive in obstructive sleep apnea Flinders UniversityCIA: Vakulin A, Grunstein R, McEvoy RD, Catcheside PG, Wong K, D'Rozario A
NHMRC Project GrantClarifying the pathogenic role of arousal-hyperventilation in obstructive and central sleep apnoea: Testing fundamental pathophysiological mechanisms and a strategic new treatmentFlinders UniversityCatcheside PGReynolds K (AI McEvoy RD, Luo YM)
NHMRC Project GrantHyper-sensitivity of the circadian system to light in Delayed Sleep Phase DisorderMonash UniversityCain S, Rajaratnam S, Lack L, Anderson C, Lockley S
CRC Sleep Health Decision support system2016-2018.  CRC for Alertness, Safety and ProductivityAlertness CRC LtdProject Leader – Vakulin A, Project Participants- McEvoy RD, Catcheside P.
ARCSleeping with one ear open: the impact on sleep and waking functionCentral Queensland UniversityFerguson S, Lack L, Aisbett B
NHMRC Senior Practitioner FellowshipTranslational Research in Obstructive Sleep ApneaFlinders UniversityMcEvoy RD
ARCThe biological origins underpinning adolescent sleep timingFlinders UniversityGradisar M, Lack L, Carskadon M
Flinders University Near-MissValidation of the optimal clinical tool to assess alertness failure and driving risk in obstructive sleep apnoeaFlinders UniversityVakulin A, Grunstein R, McEvoy RD, Rae C, Catcheside P, Wong K, D'Rozario A (AI Gordon C, Wang D, Kim J-W, Green M, Antic N)
ResMed FoundationNovel electrophysiological markers of poor health outcomes in Obstructive Sleep ApneaThe University of AdelaideAdams R, McEvoy RD, Wittert G, Vakulin A, Kim JW, Appleton S, D'Rozario A
NHMRC Targeted Call for Research GrantEstablishing the physiological and sleep disruption characteristics of wind farm versus traffic noise disturbances in sleepFlinders UniversityCatcheside PG, Lack L, Hansen K, Doolan C, Hansen C, Vakulin A, Lovato N, Chai-Coetzer CL, Mercer J (AI Antic N)
NHMRCHealth impacts of sleep apnea in Australian men- a longitudinal population study.Adelaide UniversityAdams R, McEvoy RD, Wittert G, Vakulin ACatcheside PG, Appleton S, D'Rozario A
NHMRCIn search of airways collapse - A multimodal device for the diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnoeaFlinders UniversityMcEvoy RD, Catchside PG,