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Broad Research Area: Mechanisms and Consequences of Sleep Disordered Breathing

The Adelaide Institute for Sleep Health: A Flinders Centre of Research Excellence (AISH FCRE) is a research facility currently based at the Repatriation General Hospital, with strong inter-disciplinary links with the School of Psychology, Faculty of Science and Engineering and the Flinders Human Behaviour and Health Research Unit. The Sleep Health Service - SALHN, Respiratory & Sleep Services, moved location from the Repatriation General Hospital in November 2017.

AISH FCRE researchers have a close affiliation with the THE SLEEP HEALTH SERVICE - SALHN, Respiratory & Sleep Services.

Breathing disturbances and poor sleep have important daytime consequences including pathological daytime sleepiness, neurocognitive impairments and a substantially increased risk of traffic and other accidents. OSA is also associated with cardiovascular disease (eg hypertension and heart disease).

AISH FCRE is one of the leading clinical research laboratories in Australia with major strengths in cardio-respiratory sleep physiology, neurocognitive performance and insomnia-related research. AISH FCRE/Flinders University are also playing an important role in the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Alertness, Safety and Productivity (, with a particular focus on improving diagnostic methods and outcomes for patients through more personalised sleep medicine that better targets treatments to underlying causes of sleep problems and individual patient vulnerability to daytime performance deficits.

We have a major new initiative funded by NHMRC -“National Centre for Sleep Health Services Research” - Positioning Primary Care at the Centre of Sleep Health Management.  This five-year NHMRC project will bring together expertise from the Adelaide Institute for Sleep Health, primary health specialists and health services researchers to redesign, test and reorganise health care practices to better manage sleep problems both in Australia and internationally.

Students who may be interested in sleep-related research are encouraged to discuss potential honours projects in more detail with one of the members of the AISH FCRE group.

Supervisors -

(based at the Repatriation General Hospital)

A/Prof Peter Catcheside

T: 7221 8305


Prof Doug McEvoy

T: 7221 8319


Dr David Stevens

T: 7221 8306


Dr Andrew Vakulin

T: 7221 8308


Dr Ching Li Chai Coetzer

T: 7221 8313


Dr Nicole Lovato

T: 7221 8307



Honours and PhD studies can be undertaken at AISH through the following institutions:

  • Adelaide University - Discipline of Physiology, School of Molecular and Biomedical Sciences
  • Flinders University - Sleep Research Laboratory / School of Psychology
  • UniSA - Centre for Sleep Research / School of Psychology / School of Health Sciences

Scholarships & Employment:

A $3000 stipend is available from AISH for Honours students. Many of our students also obtain employment in the Sleep Lab as clinical sleep technicians.
To apply: Contact one of the supervisors, and your institution's honours program coordinator for further details of how to apply.