Honours Opportunity - Falls Risk

BMedSci Honours Project 2019

Project Subject Area(s):- Investigation of falls risk in obstructive sleep apnea


Brief Outline of Project: In 2017, over 6000 patients were admitted to hospital due to falls-related injuries in the Southern Adelaide area. Current risk factors for falls include age, gender, low muscle strength, and poor visual acuity. Recently, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), which is characterised by a frequent decrease and/or cessation of breathing during sleep, has been proposed as a further risk factor for falls, independent of other risk factors.

This project will use gold-standard measures of both falls risk (FallScreen©) and sleep (polysomnography) to provide insight to the relationship between OSA and falls risk. Furthermore, this project will attempt to address whether treatment of OSA, by continuous positive airway pressure, reduces falls risk.

This project is in collaboration with the falls researchers at the College of Nursing and Health Sciences, and falls specialists at the 4th Generation Rehabilitation Clinic, Flinders Medical Centre. This project would be ideal for those seeking to undertake further research in this area, or pursue a career in medicine or allied health.


Please contact Dr David Stevens for further information

David Stevens

E: david.stevens@flinders.edu.au

T: 08 7221 8306