Honours Opportunity - Sleep Health Management in Primary Care

BMedSci Honours Project 2019

Project Subject Area(s):- Sleep Health Services Research – Translation of sleep health management into primary care


Brief Outline of Project: Healthy sleep is vital for good physical and mental health. Sleep disorders and voluntary and societally-driven sleep restriction have a major negative impact on health, productivity and safety in Australia and internationally. A conservative estimate of the direct and indirect economic cost in Australia of the two most common disorders of obstructive sleep apnoea and insomnia alone is over $5 billion per year. Disturbingly, current health services and policy fail to cost-effectively manage these disorders; through over-reliance on too complex and costly sleep apnea tests, unregulated industry practices often failing to deliver good outcomes for patients, and poor treatment selection and access in primary care.

To address this problem the Adelaide Institute for Sleep Health (AISH) was recently awarded a large Centre of Research Excellence (CRE) research program grant by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC). The CRE- National Centre for Sleep Health Services Research brings together an extensive network of internationally recognised experts in sleep and respiratory medicine/research, general practice, nursing, pharmacy, health services and policy research, epidemiology, health economics and sleep health technologies. Using this expertise the CRE will show how primary care can be placed at the centre of sleep disorders service delivery. The focus will be on deployment of simplified, cost-effective, evidence-based methods for diagnosing and managing sleep problems in primary care, with primary care practitioners better connected and supported with specialist sleep services in a “hub and spoke” model.

There are a number of potential honours project opportunities available through the CRE program, including mixed methods qualitative research to better understand the barriers and enablers of sleep health management experienced by health professionals in primary care, development and testing of practice guidelines for sleep health management and evaluating/ testing technology innovations to assist with sleep health management.

If you are interested in honours project opportunities in health services research and would like to play a part in this directly translatable research initiative, please do not hesitate to reach out via email for any more information about the project and/or to set up a face to face meeting to discuss possible projects further.


For further information about this specific project please contact Professor Doug McEvoy

E: doug.mcevoy@flinders.edu.au

T: 08 7221 8319