Associate Professor Sutapa Mukherjee


Respiratory and Sleep Physician

Dr Sutapa Mukherjee is an experienced Respiratory and Sleep Physician who undertook her medical training in Adelaide and has worked in Adelaide and Perth in Australia, at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School in the United States, and at Women’s College Hospital and the University of Toronto in Canada. She was awarded a PhD from the University of Western Australia for her work on “Gene Therapy of Lung Malignancy”. She has a particular interest in all aspects of sleep health, including sleep apnoea and insomnia. Her career has been characterized by combined academic and clinical work, and by the multidisciplinary care of patients with comorbid conditions e.g. sleep apnoea and heart disease. She continues her research work in sleep epidemiology and genetics and is the Director of the Western Australian Sleep Health Study and Co-Chair of the International Sleep Genetic Epidemiology Consortium.

Sutapa is an affiliate of Adelaide Institute for Sleep Health and works within the SALHN Sleep Health Service