Dr Gorica Micic


Ph.D., BBehavSc (Hons.)
Post-Doctoral Research Associate & Provisional Psychologist

Dr Gorica Micic is a Post-Doctoral Research Associate and Provisional Psychologist at the Adelaide Institute of Sleep Health, Flinders University. Gorica completed her Research PhD in 2016, investigating the biological and psychological causes of Delayed Sleep-Wake Phase Disorder. Her broad research interests are in sleep health, biological body clocks (circadian rhythms), and psycho-physiology of sleep disturbances. Her research aims to investigate the underlying causes of sleep disturbances and disorders, and their impact on daytime feelings and functioning. This is in an effort to understand and develop more targeted and effective treatment outcomes (i.e., with the use of cognitive-behaviour therapy, bright light and melatonin administration). She has been involved in numerous projects and published various papers in these areas. In her current role, she in involved in the management, coordination, implementation and translation of a National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) research project entitled, “Establishing the physiological and sleep disruption characteristics of wind farm versus traffic noise disturbances in sleep”.

Gorica is the recipient of the Flinders University Vice-Chancellor's Best Research Higher Degree Student Publication Award and the Doctoral Thesis Excellence Medal. She co-supervises Honours, PhD, and undergraduate Psychology & Medicine placement students and has presented on sleep-related research and intervention internationally.