Dr Yohannes Adama Melaku


Ph.D, MPH/Nutrition, MPH/General, BSc./PH
Research Associate

Dr Yohannes received his Ph.D from Adelaide Medical School, the University of Adelaide, in November 2018, studying the impact of dietary and nutrient patterns on bone fragility in adults. Before he joined the Ph.D program in July 2015, Yohannes was working in the School of Public Health, Mekelle University (Ethiopia), at different academic and research positions for more than six years.

He earned a bachelor degree in public health and two master’s degrees in public health and nutrition. His training and experience in public health, nutrition and epidemiology, particularly in nutritional epidemiology, have helped him to develop an immense skill in data management, analysis and interpretation of clinical, nutrition and epidemiological studies.

Currently, Yohannes is a Research Associate at Adelaide Institute of Sleep Health (AISH) under the supervision of Prof Robert Adams, where he conducts research on sleep, nutrition and their determinants and associated health consequences. Chrono-nutrition, an emerging research field in nutritional epidemiology that includes timing, frequency and regularity of meal, is also his research focus.